Azulo is a data solutions company focused on helping you develop and execute on a data strategy that meets your needs.  Data Strategy requires that you you tie business drivers to data management processes, operations and tools so you get value from data of all sizes and shapes.  We package this into a comprehensive tool we call  the Data Value Map or DVM.

Whether your business focuses on healthcare, financial services,  manufacturing, software or anything else the basic principles of data management are the same.  We leverage over 60 years of combined experience working with data and use an iterative analysis and solution process to help you succeed.

Our mission is simple.  We want to show companies how to treat data as a asset and get a return on the investments they’ve already made on that asset.

How you can get started ?

Contact us so we can do a quick assessment in as little as one week that will provide you with a set of actionable recommendations.  

Our assessment will cover

  • Your main data objectives
  • Technology landscape
  • Current data processes
  • Key challenges

Our recommendations will include

  • Gaps between objectives and current capabilities
  • Technologies to explore further
  • Key business areas to focus on
  • Identifications of Quick wins